Sunday, April 16, 2006


Today was Easter. Didn't really feel like it at my house, except for the fact that for this last year, I've spent every holiday with my knitting group. It was Sunday, Starbucks was open and we did some serious knitting. Knitting and laughing. One more week with Paula before she goes to her Summer gig. WHAHHHHH. Seriously. I'll really miss her. We all will. Meanwhile I've been hand spinning lots and lots of yarn. I never thought I'd get so hooked on it considering what a resistance I put up initially. So, now I'm saying that I'm not going to get a spinning wheel. This is probably something I should not promise about. At this point I love the drop spindle. It's little, simple and just right for watching a movie on the couch. Okay, tired hands. Tired eyes. Should go to bed.


anne said...

i said all the same things about spinning melissa! but the truth is, it's mesmerizing; i don't know how i lived without it. i think i like it even more than knitting, which is saying a LOT!! meanwhile, i've doubled my stash in the last 3 years because of it. just have fun and go with it; if it means getting a wheel, well, that's what's meant to be.

Colour said...

Hi Melissa,
I am happy to hear you are enjoying your craft so much. Soon maybe I will be able to start something
just for enjoyment......
I have been designing glass sconces and having them slumped and engraved.
I think back to all the crafts and art Mother & Dad were into........Fond Memories


Melissa said...

Yes, they taught me so much, I only wish they were around to still ask questions of!

I take a ball of yarn that Dad spun and then I take mine and compare them. I'm getting closer to the quality, but at first I was so discouraged. Then I remembered all the time he spent really learning how to do something well, and I continued to spin.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm glad you're doing something creative.