Monday, January 20, 2014

New Things

I thought my blogging was over. Then, I realized that I've not been posting the fullness of my life on Facebook or anywhere else. I think I might have regrets about that.

The year 2013 has gone and I have to say, good riddance! Not a great one for many people out there.
The best thing that came of last year was the addition of a little white dog in my life: China.

I'm going to start my new year of updates with some pictures I took today whilst I was walking China around the neighborhood. I put her in a little harness and leash and tried to get her to "heel" instead of going on her own little expedition. It's not that she's bad on a leash, but I've had her since April and she's had no formal obedience training. Better late than never. It went pretty well, and I owe it to listening to Ambient Chill radio on Apple. I walked slowly, and focused on myself instead of her. When ever she pulled on the leash I just quietly said "no" and pulled her back in line. We did that for about 30 minutes and right before we got home, we stopped by this little entrance to the marsh behind our apartment. That's where these photos are from on such a lovely Winter's day.
 Very green branches.
 Can you see the beaver dam behind the tree?
 Very red branches
 Sunny smiley dog.
 More red branches.
 I just wanna stand here in the sun awhile...
Look at the interesting bended shape of these branches, like they're dancing.

Now we have the recent knitting content:
Really heavy lined mittens.
  Rikke Hat
Socks knit from very impractical handspun.
And lastly, we have a swatch for a shawl called Faberge that is VERY involved and as my friend Emily said, "Make sure you're going to wear it enough to show it off to knitterly friends who know how much work you put into it!" Right on. Going for it. Last night I cast on 445 stitches while watching Downtown Abbey.

Meanwhile, welcome back old readers and welcome new friendly readers! I blog on.

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PNWBookGirl said...

May I offer you a positive way to train China? has some excellent resources. I can also put you in contact with a local dog trainer who can come to your home or tell you where her classes are.

I think the red branch bushes are Dogwood bushes. We had some that looked like that during the winter until we took them out.