Sunday, February 02, 2014

Oregon Never Loses it's Green

When I talk to my friends back in Boston, I'm always going on about the "fairy world" that is Portland. This morning it's in the 30's and it's green as can be. Sure, there is fall and the leaves to actually "fall". But then there are the other green things that continue to cover the bare trees so that they are never actually bare. Mossy "sweaters" and lichen "lace" drape nearly everything. Ferns deposit themselves within the moss on the trunks of trees and the invasive ivy often strangles the trees as it grips and winds itself upwards.

Some of the winters coverings will dry and fall away come the heat of Summer, some will continue to cling.

And in knitting news.... I continue my progress on the very-fun-to-knit Faberge.

 Every so often, I think....will this knitting and spinning continue to consume my life? Forever? I cannot imagine it otherwise. And, so it goes...

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