Sunday, September 02, 2012

Summer Slows

This is my new corner of quiet.

I actually considered leaving this blog. After so many years. Yes.

Then I read someone else's blog. Some random person I met. She really put herself out there and it inspired me. I remembered how much more I enjoy reading my own blog posts in retrospect, so much more than any journal I've kept. My journals have been so depressing and self indulgent. Yeah, this is a better idea.

I do however think my writing skills have gone to hell recently. But I'll try here and see what happens.

So, I've moved AGAIN. This place is way more pleasant than other places I've lived in the past couple of years. It's huge. It's mine. It's spare in furnishings. In a couple of months I will be enjoying a wood burning fireplace which seems almost too good to be true. I have outdoor space.

I've taken to watching the birds at the feeder I hung outside. I am so totally entertained bythe finches. Of course each type of bird has their own personality, I just never noticed before I suppose. They gather in clusters as the end of Summer approaches. I am amused and enamored.

These are the last perfect days of Summer that I love so. I loved them in New England and I love them here as well. It's funny, when I look at pictures of Massachusetts and Connecticut it seems to incredibly FLAT to me. If I were to move back that is the one part that would just bore me. I've grown accustomed to the green hills and snow capped mountains of the Pacific Northwest. It was that way in my imagination when I dreamed of moving here and the reality is so. It is a green and dreamy land.

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pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

I find that I write my blog posts and journal entries completely differently. One is for public consumption, and is usually sunny and upbeat. The journal? Sometimes sunny, sometimes angsty. So I'd rather re-read my blog posts than my journal entries! It's been a while since I wrote in my journal.