Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Simply Tea

When people find out about my not-so-secret tea obsession, I'm asked: What kind? I generally answer: Black, strong, with milk and sugar. Somehow that's not what they expect. Perhaps they imagine me with a flowery tea, fruity tisane, relaxing herbal blend or gentle white tea. But give it to me strong, honey. It's what I like.

I don't think I've actually gone into detail about my tea consumption so today is your lucky day! Or not.

If I'm home, I brew a pot (2.75 cups) of Peet's Scottish Breakfast or Russian Caravan. Both are very heavy on the smokey Lapsang Souchang. If I am out, and I can actually get over to a Peet's, I have a cup of their Chai Latte (which should just be called Chai, because it should all have milk, but whatever...) It's strong and spicy! What they prepare is a combination of brewed tea and some kind of concentrate. You can't make this at home.

If I'm at work I have 2 (jumbo) cups of not-too-strong generic black tea like PG Tips although these days I'm working my way through some Tetley British Blend.

My addiction has hit a new level though. I was at Marshall's and in the checkout lane they had this:
Two bucks a bag. I had no idea how it would be, but it is VIRTUALLY like sipping ice tea. When I am on the way to work and I haven't had my first cup, I have just one of these candies to "quiet the voices". Ha. You should see me when I'm traveling. Most folks think that only coffee drinkers can be this impossible about their first cup.

How did I get this way, you ask? Blame my mother. When I came home from school I had a cup of tea. It was the answer to all woes and the source of all comfort. When she had to go to decaf in later life it was a painful thing. If you don't know already, decaf tea is sad. It lakes any semblance of tea flavor and can often be like dishwater. Not doable by any stretch.

Do I ever drink herbal tea? Only to fall asleep, although I have been known to have large glass of iced Yerba Matte in the Summer. The rose petals in Tazo Calm is kind of nice. And of course, there's always Sleepytime tea.

The final word is this. If you want to impress me, calm me or make me feel at home, have the pot on to boil, some 2% or whole milk around and don't forget the sugar. Not honey, Honey. Sugar!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE tea :)
I went a bit mad for a while trying all the different types, single estate early flush etc. I really like Whittard's Russian Caravan, strong and aromatic enough without tasting too much like burned tyres :) My all time favourite though is Aldi's Gold blend, even better than Tetley's. Lipton's yellow loose tes is nice aswell. And yeah, it has to be sugar, honey just tastes wrong and full fat milk for me :)