Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Knitting and Photos

It nearly happened. Facebook almost won out to the blog without my even realizing. I went to look at my blog and saw that I hadn't posted any pictures of my little visit (April 8th) to the Chinese Gardens! Shame on me. Back on the ball today...And yes, I did edit them with some filters for fun. It's so easy to take photos with good composition in this kind of environment, but harder to get unusual shots.

I really "get around" quite a bit these days. I spend most of my time alone and walk a great deal. Yesterday after work, I went to see the Rothko exhibit at Portland Art Museum. It was free Friday, really busy and I wasn't that impressed. I don't know, the pieces seemed crowded in the space. I've seen his work in other museums like Boston and appreciated it way more. But, I'm glad I went because I saw the John Frame exhibit. Wow.

Then it was on to my favorite Indian restaurant and the movie Cabin in the Woods. Not so scary and really entertaining. Today I am looking for just a little less excitement though, so I pulled out my current knitting projects and took some quick pictures.
Here we have a bit of a classic "accident" a la Melissa. After knitting around three inches into my top, I realized I had twisted my work at the cast on. Instead of ripping it out, I made it a "design feature". I pulled it into a twist that then moves into a cable. Lame, perhaps but it is going to be a feature nonetheless!

And then we have the finished Turkish Bed socks (first pair, more in the works)

I need to create another folder for the photos of my recent socks because when I look into the big folder for socks on my computer, I see all these socks I don't have anymore. It's slightly upsetting to see years and years worth that I have worn to bits and no longer exist in my wardrobe. Three seasons a year, I wear them everyday, so no doubt, even with darning and patching, at some point they are quite...dead!

Then, we move along to the Spring sweater that I wish I were wearing right now, but instead I'm still knitting. Like THAT'S a new situation! It's in this yarn that I really like, Vintage from Berroco. It's acrylic, wool and nylon and kind of soft and dense. I am making some version of the Pima Silk Spring Cardigan  from Crystal Palace. I'm running short and hopefully I can score another skein in the same dye lot at Yarn Garden this weekend.

Next time I post, it's going to be about tea. I have a lot to say about tea these days yet never seem to get around it. This will be my reminder! Ah, pour one more cup and back to the knit...

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pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Lovely pictures from the Chinese Classical Garden. I haven't been there in a few years; I forget to go! You captured a great season.

Good job incorporating your twist into a feature!