Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Fiber Has Landed

 August 2005

The fiber moved out of Portland two weeks ago and with that, there were no longer any reasons to protract the moving process. I moved a week early. So, for 4 days I kicked butt and packed the entirety of my life, embedded into the now somewhat grimy downtown apartment I've been inhabiting for these past 5 years. The grimy part is more recent but I can claim that, tail between my legs or not, after seeing the "underworld" left after the yarn and furniture left.

 August 2010

I had serious doubts about this move. It was a complicated ordeal, emotionally, but on most days I do think it was the right move. I thought I would miss the noise, but I don't. I thought I would miss being able to walk to about 20 different cafes. I DO. I thought that being part of the hustle-bustle made me feel a bit more "centered". Not sure, but I doubt it. This time my move has to do with no longer being apart and actually being a "part".

Today I'm painting a bedroom that will be the Melissa Takes a Nap and Keeps Sense of Self Room. My office feels very much like me even if the yarn is awaiting shelving and there's still boxes in here. I actually have a sewing cabinet and desk. All of my books are out in a way that makes them easy to browse through. The cats remember that they like carpeting. And, although my body is SO sore from all this putting away and such that I feel really, really old, there is a hot tub with my name steps away.

I have been knitting a little bit but no spinning yet. I have a pattern that's ready to publish but I've gotta take some photos for it. Today is a lovely 85 degrees but mostly it's in the upper 90's here in the Summer. The neat thing is that it gets downright cold in the winter. Yah! I don't think I could even be okay living somewhere without a lot of wool. Oh yeah, San Diego is where I started this blog. Hmmmm....moved, didn't I?

The blog that keeps going and going....cuppa tea, anyone?


TheaMidnight said...

You have been through quite an upheaval. Keeping centered in YOUR room is such a good idea. I'll send some more good thoughts your way with my next cup of Earl Grey.  TheaMidnight

pendie said...

Glad to hear you're getting more settled in. Moving is such the pits but sounds like having your fiber and books is helping the process.