Monday, August 23, 2010

2 Trips, 2 pairs of Socks

On break from the endless unpacking, Mitch and I took a couple of road trips this past weekend. Before I started even packing back in Portland, I had a pair of socks I had designed that I was trying to get out. I had three wonderful test knitters and the pattern was done, but there was no time for pictures. Finally we have lift-off!

Something about these socks made them difficult to photograph. I can't say exactly what it was, but it took several tries. In an effort to get the photos finally done, we took the socks with us as we traveled to Pendleton, OR and Spokane, WA. (Above see designer laughing as we stopped in yet another field for pictures.)

As some of you might remember, I did a spinning demo for Pendleton last year. This was my first trip though  the actual mill. Funny enough, it was one of the rare times that the looms were quiet because they were on a maintenance break. That was fine in a way because of the lack of noise, but I expect we'll make it back there when they're in full swing. I have to say that although I walked out with a fabric remnant, I loved all the new fashions for Fall.

The other fabulous place we visited in Pendleton was the Tamastslikt Cultural Institute. Huge place with buildings and tee pees reconstructed inside as well as a long house. They were just setting up for a Salmon something-or-other when we left and this fella was right out front.

Yesterday was a trip to Spokane. It's 2 hours from here and I was just dying to get some "city life" time in. It was a Sunday, so it was quiet, but I did capture the sock shots I was looking for and got some REAL tea to bring home.

All in all, I'm adjusting to my new home and am looking forward to getting things more squared away so that more of my time can be creative time. UFOs, here I come! (unfinished projects, but I wouldn't mind seeing some of the other kind...)

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Anonymous said...

I just spent several days in Prosser, Pasco and Pendleton. I made a disastrous stop in Echo with a friend and left with TWO puppies! Gotta watch those small towns!