Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stockholm Syndrome?

(Folks actually live on these boats here, with all the city folk and tourists walking by.)
No, afraid not.
There were no captors and I visited Sweden for 3 weeks on my own accord. I'm afraid Sweden returned the favor with mostly bad weather, but in the midst of many cold and stormy days, there were a couple of sunny ones.
This blogging is starting now that I'm home, although I wanted to do it while I was there. Thing is, I had quite a hard time with the Swedish keyboard. Not the same, always hitting the wrong key and searching for the question mark. And, to top it all off, I feel as if this whole trip could be in the form of novella. But, being a woman of relatively few written words, I'll let the pictures do much of the talking. So, still jet lagged and a bit out of it, here I go:
The main day in Stockholm was raining torrents and we visited the Nordic Museum mostly and walked to the old town area for a glimpse of the boats and had a bite to eat. The pictures above are in the main hall of the museum.
There was a shoe exhibit and these are some needlepoint men's boots that were just amazing.

Then there were trays and trays of archived textiles to view, although difficult to get good pictures of with the glare on the glass...

Classic lace pattern
A lace trim sampler that was just amazing!
A lace baby top.
A knitted bodice with the date of 1840.

The view from inside a very crowded cafe. The restroom was actually back outside in the rain, through a small doorway into a stone cellar. Ughhhhh. Yeah, quaint.

And now you can see that the window of the shop next to the cafe was nearly obscured by the rain splashing on the windows. Still not used to the currency conversion, it was a look and leave quickly kind of shopping experience. And, had I understood the conversion, I still would have left quickly. Yes, the dollar is VERY weak overseas. Later, you'll see my big nordic sweater score was actually in a second hand shop...

And here we have the streets of old town Stockholm, better known as Gamla Stan. Stockholm was, to my surprise, a group a small land masses surrounded by water, connected by bridges.

Next stop Linkoping (lean-show-ping), my home away from home.


Dava said...

Tack for the pictures and I hope you'll be sharing more!

I find that second-hand shops overseas can be more interesting than regular shops, which are either already in the U.S., or just overpriced tourist traps.

Embroidered boots just go to show what happens when you have long, dark winters and no TV.

Diane in Chico, CA said...

Welcome home.

The pictures are great. Looking forward to seeing the rest :-)

Nana said...

Beautiful always. I especially love the lace work and historical knitted bodice. Oh, cannot miss the picture of the store front full of Nordic sweaters!!

So glad you are back in town.