Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Break in Our Programming for a Politcal Message

I am now going to break with tradition and make a political comment.
I've been watching the Democratic Convention for the 3rd night in a row.
I've just seen Obama's acceptance speach and I am in awe.
He's right. It is about us. We need to vote for this guy and put some of our own elbow grease to help create that change.
I originally hoped that we'd see Hillary up there, but my mind is changed.
Obama MUST be our next president.

(We will now resume with our previously scheduled programming and I would ask for no comments if not positive. I'm allowed. It's my blog.)


Cindy said...

YES WE CAN! Isn't he awesome! I'm especially moved to think that in my lifetime Dr. King delivered the "I have a dream" speech and now (hopefully) Barack Obama will take up residence in the White House. Amazing. Inspiring. Uplifting.

Oh, and Welcome Home! :)

dava said...

I'm with ya!