Thursday, October 18, 2007

Trojan Bunny

Okay, first I should say that I am posting this while under the influence of strong painkillers. That said;

When Brahms was a kitten I found this wooden pull toy and just knew that it would appeal to her. It did and she dragged it around for years, making this cute sound with the squeeking wheels. (I eventually got her another real friend, Suki but I think she would have prefered the wooden version).

Now, both kits grown, this is where it sits and looks particularly good in the window I face as I type on my laptop.

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MonicaPDX said...

Ohhhhh...that's a wonderful bunny. Looks great in the window against that colorful backdrop, yes. My father would've loved seeing Brahms' bunny. After he retired he got into making beautiful furniture and wooden toys - especially resurrecting old-fashioned toys he'd known as a kid.

And I love that you have a cat who would drag around a wooden toy!