Sunday, October 21, 2007

A new level of Greens

Some folks would not see both of these as green, but they really are (to me).
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MonicaPDX said...

Ooooh. Green lace. And they look a lot like Oriental art. Glorious! Definitely green. A fall green...

Speaking of which, have you ever made it to the Japanese Gardens up in Washington Park, or the Chinese Garden downtown? Both are utterly magnificent - and both are great in the rain as well as sunny days. (So sayeth the person who's only been to each once in her life, LOL. But I can read the websites. [g]) I got some great pix at the Chinese Garden last fall when my big brother and sis-in-law came down to visit. Something like 30 or so. And that was with spending only about 1-1/2 hours there! (Way too short.)