Thursday, December 22, 2005

Finishing up

I'm pretty much done with the holiday knitting. Just took a quick knitting break here at work to try and finish the last of it...
Now I'm dreaming of new projects for the new year.

There shall be more cables, more color, ribbon yarn experiments, more felting and continued plodding along with my attempt to master lace. There will also be an attempt to listen to recorded books while I'm knitting to keep myself from being illiterate!

Right now I'm working on the lace socks in the Winter Interweave Knits 05/06. There's only two holes where there shouldn't be any! For me, this is a big improvement. These are the socks I never keep, as I'm not the lace sock type, but I send them along to my dear friend, Gillian, back in Boston.

I feel like I'm finally creating the life I've wanted for the past few years. Thank you, Universe for bringing good things my way. Thank you knitting Goddess for giving me the patience to try new things. Thank you friends for you love and thoughts.

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