Sunday, December 25, 2005

Clumsy Christmas

It's just been a weird couple of days.
I got this new dinning table, big enough to cut out fabric and do other fun projects. I put it together without much fuss. Then came the moving it into the kitchen.

The kitchen is where my holiday tree lives, festooned with the most delicate glass ornaments. In doing the change out, I knocked the darn thing over, and bits of silver lined glass ornaments shattered everywhere on the hard wood floors.

I took a little nap before cleaning up.

Then, yesterday with my friend Elizabeth I found the loveliest set of dining chairs at the thrift shop two blocks away. One chair and, Elizabeth by my side, I bit the dust, right there on the sidewalk. I found myself on the wet concrete, stunned as people gathered around me. Foolish, clumsy me. For those of you who know me well, you know that I do fall. It's not that unusual. But with a chair occupying my two hands, with nothing to brace me? Needless to say, I'm in some physical pain. Gonna take it easy for the rest of my days off.

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WesWhiner said...

My friends always say, "There, there... poor, sweet baby.", and then give me a hug.

Consider yourself hugged.