Monday, November 15, 2010


From the "internal" to the "external".

Since I moved to Washington, a lot of folks have asked me what it's like here. Well, at the moment, very windy as a new weather system moves through. The sky is big here and you can generally see a lot of weather coming through. Fun! Yah!

I have a new camera that Mitch "gave" me (thanks hon!) and I was just outside last weekend taking some shots. What I came up with is a view from right outside the door where we have artificially watered grass, a park with a walking loop and trees planted outside the door. Everything else around here is very...sage-y. Tumbleweed-y.
 Oh, and now the leaves are gone because the maintenance folks actually take care of that. Ha!

Above and below, the lovely view from the patio off the living room.

View from the DP (aka dog park) 'cause you know we can't say the words because the DOG goes nuts. It's very desert-y. Yes, Melissa is living with a dog. The cats are KIND of living with the dog because they live in the upstairs and the dog is not exactly allowed upstairs. Gotta keep the peace, people.
 The Dog
 Ohhhhh. Doesn't she look skeeeery!
Knitting content: Vilai by Cookie A.

I'm actually doing a lot of knitting these days, but these socks have got my attention in a serious way. Next time I post I will devote copious amounts of text and pictures to the MANY projects underway. Promise.

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Diane in Chico said...

Lovely pictures, Melissa! I think of you and hope you are doing well.