Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Couldn't Wait!

I couldn't wait to post all these pictures from my time yesterday at the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR. This is my third year and was really the best ever. I went with my friend Melissa who is NOT a fiber person but a jewelry person. She's so inquisitive though that it made it really really fun. I love talking wool. I love talking all things fiber. And Melissa, well, she likes talking! (I may catch some sh*t for that last comment).

The whole day instilled me with new enthusiasm for my fiber-life. I paid more attention to the sheep breeds and their temperament. I found myself more open to every aspect of the day. And yes, I did have lots of business cards with me! This picture above is one of my favorites of the whole day.
There's Melissa (top left) just dreamy with thoughts of sheep.
This is my buddy from Twitter, Velma who was there showing her ColorBomb Creations.
And here is the bunny lady, Debby who I am always so happy to see. We found each other in the Toots Le Blanc fiber booth.

Then came the judging.
Each farm presenting their sheep breed would show in groups of three. Here are two being wrangled. They show the livestock with their butts facing the interior of the ring, to be judged first. Interesting.
This wee gal had the third in that group and you can see she had quite the steady grip on this sheepy.
How can you not be fascinated with the different horn shapes?
The amazing monotone but gorgeous texture combination is really highlighted with this ram.

But you look at this one and wanna say, "Hey! You've got a great haircut but let me get that straw out of your 'do! Ah! The conditions there are just not up to a fashion icon like yourself!"

So, as you can see, I've taken no pictures of the fiber this year. Yeah, it's all just gorgeous. Does this mean I'm about to buy some goats or sheep in the near future? I think not, but the focus in my spinning it changing a little.


FiberQat said...

I'd like to see you explain to your landlord why you have a Babydoll sheep in your apartment.

Sharon said...

It was great to see you and "the other" Melissa there on Saturday! I confess that when I first saw this post, I thought you broke down and bought an actual sheep. =)

Melissa Barton said...

You guys! If anything it was the other Melissa who would be buying a sheep or goat. She has an actual house!

dina said...


I KNOW the other Melissa! I recently found your blog (being a yarn addict! and sheep-owner-wannabe) and when reading my posts this morning saw the pic of Melissa - I nearly spewed my tea! LOL!

Isn't she a riot?! And a gifted jewelery maker, to boot!