Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gaia's Colours!

I love Gaia's colors, I mean the colors that she (Ursa) chooses! The base yarn is really nice as well. Nice and dense, high twist. I have fondled this yarn properly, had it sit in different places in my apartment and it is particularly fond of a bronze handbag that I have. They look good coupled. (I hope they don't run away together....)
So, this means I will be knitting very, very soon with this particular yarn. Check back in with me. Meanwhile, I asked Ursa about this particular colorway:

"This colourway, "Cernunnos, variegated version", was inspired by Cernunnos, "a pagan Celtic god whose representations were widespread in the ancient Celtic lands of western Europe". He is associated with the hunt, with wild animals, especially horned animals, and is often shown with large horns sprouting out from the top of his head. The snake is also associated with him. He is linked fertility, death and rebirth and all things "wild". I have a solid version of this colourway - a deep brown, but with the variegated version I wanted to bring in lots of earthy colours - deep gold, orange, brown and olive green. These reflect many of the colours of the wild - hooves and horns, fur, feathers and scales, earth and bark and leaves, in their living and dying cycles."

Ursa Hawthorne is the woman behind Gaia's Colours Fibre Arts, a West Coast Canadian company that emerged in the spring of 2008. Gaia's Colours is a hand-dyed yarn and spinning fibre company inspired by the many names and faces of the Gods, as well as the colours of our planet Earth, Gaia. Ursa uses her love of nature and World Mythology to create lovely and unique colourways for a variety of yarn weights and fibre types. Ursa's passion for dyeing yarn was born of her love of knitting, plus discovering the incredible world of and the assortment of lovely indie dyers in the online world. As a stay-at-home mother of two young boys, Ursa needed a creative outlet, some "playtime" of her own, and dyeing seemed a natural extension of the creation process of knitting. She currently sells online through Etsy, at her own online store, and at one local yarn & fiber store in her resident city of Victoria, BC.


Aunt Kathy said...

That's a gorgeous color. Last night I dreamed about a new colorway for a yarn, I even got the name of it. I have never dyed yarn, I wonder if I should try to create what I saw in my dream.

Dharma said...

So beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!