Saturday, November 01, 2008

String Theory or Just Spaghetti?

Just a cute title. Yeah, I know string theory isn't really about
Actually, this is some merino/cashmere that I finally finished spinning. Four ounces and I have to count the yardage and WPI now. I love working with soft luxury fiber, but I'm so drawn to color that I find is hard to get through several ounces of off white fiber. Let's see what this wants to be. Probaly a large lace scarf (as if I need more lace projects right now!)
I went to the thrift shop and got two little tea cups for 50 cents each. This one is nothing spectacular, but this second one is interesting just for the markings.

Perhaps for folks out there who actually collect china, this might not be anything special, but I've never seen this mark and thought it was sad/interesting. History in a teacup. Storm in a teacup. Tempest in a teacup. Taking tea by the fire. Taking tea with your demons...

It's a transformational time of year for me. It's a transformational time for all of us and I feel it in my gut and heart and I wonder what state of mind we're all in these days. Are we waiting? I'm doing a lot of visual manifestation. Anything seems possible, and I don't mean that in a kind of Cinderella way. I love the musical version of Cinderella by Rogers and Hammerstein. Particularly the song, "In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be..."

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Brooklynne said...

I too love the musical version of Cinderella, specifically because of that song and am often found humming it at various times of any given day!