Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Somehow I missed the Oct 23rd 2004 anniversary of this blog!
I suppose that means that the time just goes by effortlessly and somehow I'm managed to make so many years into words and pictures just blend together.
Never once did I think of giving up or quitting this process. It's been like a child I birthed and now it's here and I need to feed it. It doesn't cry out too often, must mostly nudges me from time to time. I don't keep a journal regularly, and although this blog often lacks a certain personal confessional quality, it does keep me connected to the process of connecting the dots.
In thinking about these years of knitting I have a couple of thoughts. Mainly that it amazes me that I find the art and craft of knitting to be inexhaustable in its richness and expanse for me. The next is that I remember going to a fiber arts show before I had this blog and I thought, "Hmm....cashmere lace. Now, that's something that I'll do sometime after 60 rolls around!" Truth be told, I haven't knit cashmere lace yet but it's way closer than 11 years away. It's more like 6 months away at this point. I mean, heck I'm spinning cashmere now! I didn't even think I'd go the way of spinning.
Yes, there are days when the simplest knitting project is just riddled with the errors from my lack of attention. And then there are those days, those wonderous days when I do something miraculous with the piles of yarn here, and I just feel stunned (and probably tired) but satisfied that I made something beautiful.

For all of you who are on this journey with me, of self discovery and self expression:
Hello and hello again, my friends.


Diane in Chico, CA said...

Glad your post is still here, being fed.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated anniversary wishes! I just found your blog relatively recently, and have really enjoyed reading it.

Nigel said...

Yes it's after your anniversary, almost Christmas and you are knitting furiously to get those presents done, but I wanted to say that I really enjoy your thoughtful ideas on knitting and life. Glad to have met you in Portland and feeling even more connected in Twitter.