Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fiber or Not

My first cashmere, plyed with silk
Well, I'm starting a local, downtown Portland spinning guild with buddy, Bobbie. We're not calling it a guild because I think for some new spinners that name can be intimidating. But it's all about trading information, community and teaching, regardless of what you call it.
What we are calling it is Portland Spinnerati!
As I sit here, drinking too much tea, destashing on Ravlery and knitting and spinning like a wild woman, I realize that I'm on quite a role. The job market has tanked even further and this is my version of productivity. Two weekly knitting groups and a spinning guild. Not a bad contribution to society in spite of it all.

Manic? Do I sound manic? ::::::turning off CNN:::::::::switching on the Soundscapes music channel::::::::
As usual, I wake up in the morning and turn on the news, wondering what the hell is already going on. These days I forget, or resist turning it off. What's up with that. The pundits just keep spewing and I am a deer caught in the headlamps, a fish on the hook.
I need to take back my brain. Oh yeah, meditation.
I'm also obsessing about my older cat, Brahms. She quite clearly has dementia, amoung other things. She's cold but can't remember where the heating pad is that's on for her. She can't remember that I moved the bed so that she can hop up from either side. She still comes up the same side and jumps right over my head. One day she's gonna miss. I won't cuss her out though. She's my baby. She gets confused and I just lead her in the right direction.

I love her so much it makes my heart want to burst.

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pdxknitterati said...

Mmmmm, that yarn looks soft and yummy!

The spinning group sounds like it's really going to take off. No spinning for me, though; too many nights out (meeting, class, 'nother class, knit group, book group) and DH gets grumpy. I'm going to have to skip something on some weeks when they all converge. Hard to choose!

Take care of Brahms. I hope our kitties love us as much as we love them!