Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Projects are Bustin' Out All Over!

It has come to my attention that my UFOs have reached critical mass.
In an effort to stave off knitting disaster, and make myself look like an aimless, slovenly knitter I have taken on the task to plow through as many as I can.

Here we have some finished Merino inpaled with a swawl stick that I picked up a the the TNGA show.

This is the start of my spinning the fiber I got in Sweden. It's really got a lot of noils, and I'm using it as texture to my advantage
This is my Prepster jacket. The first garment that I've ever crocheted, featuring buttons made by my dad many years ago.
This is a sweater that should be done today, from IK Fall 2003, Lace-Edged Raglan by Deborah Newton, knit in Ella Rae Classic
This is the first completed Nutkin sock in Wollmeisse, with the second to be finished this week.
This is sock one of a design I'm working on, using Araucania Ranco Multi.
This is something I haven't touched in a while but will go back to next week, a Trident Lace sock by Gardiner Designs in Koigu.
There are other major UFOs out there, but these are the ones I am plowing through right now, before I'm allowed to start something new.

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