Monday, September 29, 2008

Going OFFF Again

The big weekend started with a little get together with some friends we RARELY see.
Richard, against the backdrop of a favorite diner, The Roxy.

The fabulous Gary, taking pictures as I was.

Barb and Duffy taking photos at the same time! (Roger was so animated, his picture just came out as a blur.)
Here is Barb, in front of her Journey Wheel, showing a youngun' how to spin fiber by just rolling it on your knee.
Here's Bobbie, organizer extrodinaire and queen of the buttons.A lot of folks LOVE these baskets and buy them in the bunches.
This is the first time I've bought kid mohair locks, dyed. I'm not a big mohair fan but the kid is much softer.
This is the same fiber, picked by hand into clouds for spinning.
Deb bought this sweet bunny, but much to her and our sadness, Liesel didn't make it through the night. To her left is Michelle LB and Tammy on her right.
This is my little old wheel going home, safely in the backseat, all strapped in.

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Brooklynne said...

I wouldn't be surprised if shock killed the rabbit all those people picking it up, plus duffy said on her blog that it was really still, despite many people holding it... sounds like a bunny in shock. That's the sad thing about bunny's they die really easily.