Sunday, April 20, 2008

What now?

What in the world can I post about today? Usually when I pose that question I head away from the computer, but I feel like I don't want more than a week to go by on posting...

So, this week in my knitting universe:

I had a nice time with the Ravelry knitters that are starting to grow in numbers as we meet downtown on Tuesdays.

I started Chrissy Gardiner's second sample sock and am now halfway.

I finished the Brushed Alpaca lace sweater (but I don't think I'm going to post me IN the sweater yet.

I added beads the edge of a scarf I knit two years ago to give it some weight. (first time on that)

I frogged Chrissy Gardiner's second sample sock a coupla times.

I made a swatch for a new sweater in orchid wool, a cardigan.

What I will post is a picture of the wonderful gift of some pink cashmere from my Swedish angel.


Michelle said...

Ooh, you did it already! Did the beads come out well? How'd you like knitting with the beads?

Melissa said...

I actually strung the beads onto the yarn and then crocheted them onto the edge. The part I forgot at first, was that I had to work from the back. In crochet, the front of the stitch is facing away from you. I figured that out quickly!