Saturday, April 05, 2008

My Other Obsession

I always love taking a picture of the moss growth on my window sill. I know it will come back next year for about...8 months. But still! I love this stuff. No matter that it's probaly ruining this big building I live in. See, there are many perks to renting. No worries...

It's cold for Spring. The combo of cold wind and pollen is not my favorite. It's that thing about our short term memory issue as humans when it comes to weather. Ughhh! Look at this rain...snow...uh, wind! Yeah. Big suprise (not).

I love weather. In fact it's on the TV as I write this. Always entertaining. Ummm. Unless you live in LA. Then, it's a blurr.


Wendy said...

Yes, in L.A. it's a brown-yellow tinged blur. But it's got culture! (rolling mah eyes) I love it, love it up here.

And I love your moss collection, I want to pet it. :)

Natalie said...

It almost looks like heaths. You could put miniature Cathy and Heathcliff action figures on it and have a makeshift diorama of a scene from Wuthering Heights.