Saturday, March 01, 2008

Taking Care

Today I am pretty much focused on two things:
Letting go of my quilting stash (not too hard at this point)
Creating a plan for taking care of a friend who had broken her right arm and wrist (yes, she's a knitter and those are her hands).

It's the last one that's making me feel really emotional. It's not that I'm relating to her situation as a patient, but I think it's reminding of caring for my mother for so many years. When I love someone, knowing that they are going through emotional stress related to things out of all of our control is so hard.

Unlike that situation with my mother, I actually have a crew of friends who are all involved with coordinating efforts.

The one time I had surgery, I was living with and taken care of by a family who I was close to. They were completely there for me and I didn't have to worry about anything. I was able to let go of my control and just let it be. I realize it's not that easy for other people to do the same.

Bottom line, it's not something I can fix, I can just assist as much as I can.


Anonymous said...

it's interesting that your letting go of your quilting stash as I'm currently building my quilting stash....

Hope you are well


Anonymous said...

I'm letting mine go too. Never thought I would, but knitting has been, and will always, be my love. Sharon (Michigan)