Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pink Forvever

This was my last project for KnitPicks that I completed at the start of May. (The hoodie on the left) It's an original design, which means it was a work in progress from the start. A really different experience. A bit harder because of having to decide to give feedback or not on what I thought was happening with the instructions. I don't think it had ever been knit before.
KP asked me not to post this project until they published it and it was in my email this morning. I took pictures of it of course before it left my house.


Cindy said...

Beautiful job! Isn't it fun to see your work in "print"?

MonicaPDX said...

Yes, it's so gorgeous both in your photo and the KP ad! Thanks for the close-up of the stitch, too; looks like an interesting one! Very pretty sweater - nice without being too fussy.

Aimee said...

How exciting! I also have 2 things in that particular issue, though nothing as beautiful as that sweater.

But when I showed my stuff to friends, I flipped to the sweater next and said, "And I know the woman who knit that, too!" (even though I don't technically, no one else knows). ;)