Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What's Goin' On

My posts have really been sparce these days. Part of it was that I had a job that had me sitting at a computer 8 hours solid a day. When I got free time all I wanted to do was sleep or knit. But, life has freed my time up again and I am working on a bunch of unfinished projects and spinning too. Touching as much color as I can.

This is a mock cable rib which is sort of my default sock pattern. I can knit this baby in my sleep. The second one is nearly done and I've knit it one of my favorite yarns, Opal by Louet Sales. It keeps a nice sheen and is machine wash wool.

That's it you know, when all else fails, I know can knit a sock.

I got this merino when I was at the beach last month and I love spinning it. Still the drop spindle. I don't see that changing anytime soon...

The first bit of this I spun is on the right. See how non-descript and peachy it turned out? Then I started at the same point in the roving and the color started changing more as you can see on the spindle. I think it will blend well once I have plied it. Pretty anyhow I think.

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