Friday, February 23, 2007

Knitting in Sydney

This was taken two years ago at Bronte Beach and it's such a great memory. I was waiting for breakfast to be served and this cafe was right on the beach. I'd love to transport myself there right now...(although I don't remember the service being very good.) Posted by Picasa


Grandma Flea said...

Bronte is a great beach, isn't it. I love the big park behind. Service in Australia can be quite variable - tipping here, as you'd know,is optional as the minimum wages are liveable - or used to be before we our current government revised the IR laws. Time will tell. One of my daughters did work experience many years ago at the Hilton Hotel in the city - she can be very charming and attentive and she just loved American tourists because they always left such great tips!

M-H said...

Lovely photo Melissa. Bronte is lovely. So are you.