Monday, December 18, 2006

Okay, Now the Story

I knitted these socks with yarn from KnitPicks as my first project as a test knitter for them. I would have never have knit these socks without that pressure because they have all the elements of what I never wanted to knit! Toe up on circs, two lace patterns....etc.

So, I am happy (thrilled really) to say that KnitPicks is very pleased with the socks and I await my next project. I have to tell you that it probably took me over 70 hours to complete these socks. It was truly shocking. I'm the kinda gal who can knock them out in more like 20 hours at the top end.

I'm also teaching a sock class on my own these days (more of as a tutor really) and that's been great. I can finally call myself a professional knitter (even though at the time, these socks were called the "socks from hell." Posted by Picasa


Jennie said...

Terrific. I'd love to be a test knitter, but it will take till I stop making huge mistakes on socks, I think. Nice job!

Dharma said...

70 hours?!?! You certainly know how to put a crimp in a girl's dreams of making socks. Sheesh.