Monday, November 27, 2006

With Love From Japan

"High Quality Loop Fancy" the label reads. No false advertising here. We really had to ready the labels though for the dye lots and color codes because all the yarn that Nana brought back was difficult to "read" colorwise. Like Noro, they have long color repeats and are wrapped somewhat randomly.

The Magazines that Nana brought back were pretty cool because they relied quite heavily on charts with international symbols. Except for the measurements, one could conceivabley knit from them, not knowing Japanese. On the other hand, the publications mixed knitting and crocheting equally within. The designs were really cute but I would imagine the sizing would make them out of the question for me. Although, I have to say it made me consider doing more crocheting because of the yarn choices they used, etc.

I love it when knitting fanatics travel and come back home to the nest! Posted by Picasa


Wendy said...

Where did she go shopping for yarn in Japan? I know someone who lives there who's been having a hard time finding good stuff.
Domo arigato in advance ;)

Madame Purl said...

Gorgeous stuff there.