Saturday, July 08, 2006

First Ply

Last night I got sick of waiting for my lazy kate (plying tool) to arrive in the mail and decided to stand up with my spindles and try it that way.

It was that intensly stressful feeling I had when I first started spinning that gradually went away. The yarn is running away from me! Oh No! The cats were amused, but also trying to decapitate a really huge moth in the middle of my plying action...

So! Here it is, first and imperfect and done on a too small drop spindle. I used some scrap fleece that I bought, mixing the colors myself.

I read all this stuff on how to know if your yarn is balanced and I actually think that this is, wonder of wonders. No real skewing to one side or the other. I don't even have a wraps per inch tool yet, so it's all just one big experiment, but one that I'm really enjoying.

One wee skein of two-ply. Yah! Posted by Picasa


Rory said...

As someone who doesn't knit, but does crochett a bit( and I mean a bit!!) I am constantly amazed at your love of all things yarn like.
Your determenation, from the first idea of spinning yarn, all the way to the first ply,
deserves a huge "Atta Grrrl!!"
Well maybe more than that, maybe a medal or something.......

Barbara said...

wraps per inch can be measured with a ruler too - just wrap your yarn close together around a ruler from the 2" mark to the 3" mark - count how many lines of yarn around the ruler - voila - wpi.

Melissa said...

But Barbara! Where can I get one of those pretty rosewood flat wpi things that they show in all the pictures in Spin-off. The cylindrical ones that I've seen just don't do it for me.

Barbara said...

I got mine at the SOAR retreat last year in Park City UT.

It's in Lake Tahoe this fall and I will be there again.

Want me to pick one up for you?

They aren't much.