Monday, May 10, 2010

A Metaphor for Everything!

Yarn I spun that I'm making a shawl from

What's the most popular subject when creating life metaphors or political or...anything? Sports! I care nothing for sports. As you know, it's all about the yarn, the fiber, the spin and the knit. I've decided that knitting can be a metaphor for everything as well. We just need to educate everyone else so they understand. Or, we can be smug and not tell them a thing. Yeah. Not like us. Never mind...

But first, I'm just going to create a list of all of the textile related sayings that I can come up with:

A stitch in time saves nine
Dyed in the wool.
Telling a good yarn
Woven into the fabric of our lives (I know the cotton council has stolen that from somewhere)

And words...


Here are some more from Kimbery Wulfert's site, antique quilt dating.

Oh, I've gone astray. I write my blogs in real-time can't ya tell? I went off searching for more when I came up with this incredible book that explains my fascination with this sort of thing. My mother taught me all sort of New England sayings, without really knowing what she was passing on.

So now it's up to you, dear readers to tell me what textile related sayings you know.

I know that's I've gone completely astray on this blog post but next post I'm going to actually come up with some ACTUAL metaphors for life in textiles. Deal?


Tracy Sorensen said...

Bursting at the seams.

Tiggywinkle Knits said...

Oh, I can think of several:
Busting one's buttons, the whole nine yards, split the blanket, make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, and weave a web of lies. I'm sure I could come up with more, given time.

Tiggywinkle Knits said...

Oh, how about "spinning a tale"?