Saturday, October 03, 2009

How I Missed Ya..

The wool is back. The cashmere is back.

Seems to me this happens every year. The stuff you finish in late Spring never gets it's moment until the Autumn unfolds again. Funny, that.

It gives me hope for all my knitting, but I must confess: I have spent hours and hours on perfectly lovely projects that I simply don't wear. I've been talking and thinking about this for a while, but need to get it together:

A swap for knitted items that you made but don't like. I can't bear to give some of these away in any other context. Seriously complex cabled capes and the like. It's a busy Fall, so maybe in the dead of winter I'll get this together, dear readers.

Meanwhile, I'm just enjoying sleeping in my old cashmere sweaters. The true luxury of my life.


AJ said...

Me too - digging out last winter's unfinished business. How I look forward to a winter of knitting and crocheting! :D Lovely piece!

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Oh, yes, the FO's that you never want to see again because they're just right, but just not right for you. I have some of those...a swap sounds grand!

Barbara said...

I love that shawl