Monday, January 19, 2009

Less Yarn, Not More

I'm sure to some folks that might seem reasonable but to me right now, it's a rip. I am de-stashing down to what I consider "bare bones". What's that?I will sell: Non-sweater amounts of yarn, Too much of a particular sock color Yarn that I NEED to keep is yarn that's discontinued that I KNOW I will use, yarn that I will never get enough money for and I still like, most of my handspun, Sock yarn that I can't live without.
These are always subject to change, just like the rest of life, huh?

But for those of you who might be interested, I'm doing it on Ravelry so drop by and see what you may see.

In another area, as someone who test knits other people's patterns it's always been a question of whether I'm ever going to get down to writing patterns. I actually have one nearly ready to go and I'd just rather knit. Lazy me. I hope again to change this in 2009. I've got some crochet pattern books on their way and may do something with designing crocheted accessories.
Stay tuned. Leave some comments, people. I like to hear from you and if you can't bring yourself to write, please note the "reaction" buttons below. Gotta love those!


Aunt Kathy said...

Can't wait to see what you are designing. I would love to branch out past dishcloths someday

Diane in Chico said...

Getting rid of yarn is a good thing. I gave away a bunch of yarn last fall to a young woman without much stash. I had a motive. I wanted her to knit for my charity craft faire :-) She kept giving me these great little projects for the craft faire, and I said, "I gave you *this* yarn??" She did a great job with it, and ended up with some fun yarn.

I figure giving away yarn is like seeding a cloud.

But I kept all sweater's worth lots, and all the sock yarn, just like you :-)