Friday, December 19, 2008

The House Has Me

Well, the house always has me in it's grips of comfort. I love this kind of weather. I should probably just go out for a walk but I feel so compelled by my projects right now.
I will tempt fate and share one because the giftee will most likely read this before I give it to her. Heck, who reads my blog? If you don't comment folks, I have no idea who you are!
Okay, I'll share some projects...

The hat above is one for me.

This is the French Press Cosey from KnitAlong.

This is the mohair shawl I crocheted in two days with some Blue Moon discontinued Kid Mo in the Christmas Rock colorway.
This is the hat from the latest IK that other friends of mine have done a much nicer job on than moi, but it's for me so...

These are a gift with a matching Headband...

These are Dashing from Knitty, very tightly knit in bulky merino for moi, because they won't fit the original person I was knitting them for!

Dare I post these??? I knit one of them last year and just finished the second one this week.

And, lastly I have to finish the second one of these.
I'm posting all these projects because I can't seem to blog without actual knitting progress content and it's been too long!
So, here I am at a quarter to 10PM, still in the warm apartment with the kittens and the Holiday tree and lots of tea.


pdxknitterati said...

That's a lot of good looking knitting! I like the squirrel, and I notice that you've dated them. That means an FO, right?

Aunt Kathy said...

Wow you have been busy. I love the squirrel... I am still scared to do colorwork or intarsia or fair isle whatever it's called. But I'd love to someday.

Sarah in DC said...

SO GORGEOUS! I love it when you put up all your good stuff at once!