Sunday, January 13, 2008

Two Cultures, One Sweater

I think this sweater is influenced by Norwegian and a bit of Arctic lace design. It's been calling out to me for a while from my A Gathering of Lace book. As always, I buy yarn and then later, sometimes much later I figure out what will give it life. For a change, I made the perfect choice of sweater AND yarn. The yarn I'm using here is Jaeger Luxury Tweed.

The pattern name is Ljace Kofte. The designer, Joan Shrouder told me yesterday that the name is actually wrong:

"I misspelled "Ljace" - there shouldn't be a "j" in there. I was mimicking the Norwegian word "ljus", thinking it meant the lice patts, but later learned that ljus means "light", not lice. So officially it should be just "lace", I guess."

No harm, no foul. I'm loving working on this! Thanks Joan.


Tiggywinkle Knits said...

OMG, that is GORGEOUS! And that color will look great on you!

Sharon said...

you have received an award, visit my blog for details! :)