Thursday, September 27, 2007

400 posts

Yes, folks. It's that time again. A little pat on the back for the author, moi. I'm not known for keeping things like this up for so long. Who knows how long it will last?

So, I know you're thinking:
'Where are all the fiber shots of your fiber booty from OFFF?'


'Oh, c'mon. I know you really want to show off (no pun intended).

But, actually I don't! I'm in the inside of the process already and never really had a huge moment of WOW! Look at all this stuff!

So, this weekend, even though the light will probably suck due to rain, I will try and take some photos of what's going on over here in the Fiber Palace. Interestingly enough, right now I've taken to spinning some baby camel/silk from last year that I finally have the confidence to approach. Gonna get more because it's lovely, even if it does fly all over the place. Those luxury yarns...they just have a spirit of their own...


Bobbie said...

You didn't have a "looky what I got!: moment? I'm so sorry! I put all mine on the bed and rolled around in it before stashing it in the bins. Even the dog left the room . . . .

nancy said...

Can't wait to see the haul and live vicariously through you - I wish I could have gone to OFFF. Just didn't have time, even though it was so close! (I'm in seattle). Next year maybe I'll get there. :)