Sunday, April 15, 2007

Deeply Consumed... and Easter morning knitting moment. I don't think anyone moved from their spots for several hours, except to heat the kettle again for more tea.


Wendy said...

Man, we never get much knitting done at our knitterly meetings. We're all such a bunch of poseurs down here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa!
I have just seen your blog for the first time. It`s pretty nice.Congratulations to Gabby and Alex on the baby. I got news from Nana too, and you can all expect news from me within the next couple of weeks (snail mail) as I have beach photos of the non-digital kind and photos of my trip to Door county. So far work is fantastic! I have a great asst. and great stitchers. It hardly seems like work at all. My love to you all. Paula