Friday, January 05, 2007

New Knit Year

I have knitted less in the last week or two that I have all year. Not burnout exactly, but forces beyond my control are taking away some of my brain cells. Using them for other purposes are just trashing them altogether. Not quite sure yet. Very little ability to focus, so the things I am working on are getting frogged with great frequency. Hmmmm. WhatEVER! So, then. My knitting resolutions are just important as my life resolutions (I think there's a difference): 1.Frog or tink early in the game. 2. Don't wait and see if you can work it out in the next row. This has not worked. 3. Buy yarn in colors that you really love and don't attempt to change your color personality this year. 4. Try to not grab the needles out of E.M's hands when she's making a mistake and asks for help. 5. Re-consider my desire to teach the world to knit. 6.And, as always, use up more of my existing stash.


Dharma said...

Hm, I see a distinct application of your knitting resolutions to your personal life. But hey, I an almost therapist.

Paula's Mom said...

Thought you might like to check out a website:, which is mounting a show entitled "Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting"