Friday, June 16, 2006

Shiney Taupe Ribbon Tunic

This got designed while I was knitting it. I used some eyelets and ribbing under the bust/at the waist for detail and shaping. This stuff was like knitting with dragonfly wings! Exciting and dangerous for these fast hands. Posted by Picasa


DianeInChico said...

When do we get to see it modeled?

Shelly said...

It's gorgeous! Do you have published patterns? If not you should. That is much nicer than some of the ones being published in the knitting mags these days.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Shelly. I promised myself that this year I would start to write my patterns.
I'm lazy! Also, I often work in the round, so until I get to the armholes, I don't keep track as much as I should, or I do things that I would do differently the next time. But, thanks for the feedback!
And Diane, modeled on this one? Who knows?