Sunday, March 26, 2006

Baby Cables

I started working on a baby sweater in the new book, by Fiona Ellis, Inspiring Cable Knits.
For some reason, I just couldn't figure out the center cables from the graph and just gave into designing my own, which are very similar.

I've bought so much of this Baby Cashmere from Elann and am just crazy about it. Thing is, I think I'm going to have to make more sweaters for myself given the hand washing needed for the garments, that is if I want Isaac to ever get a chance to wear these sweaters! Posted by Picasa


Dharma said...

I know I'm sick and I have barely swallowed any coffee, but it took me a moment to begin to comprehend what you wrote. Are you saying that since the elann yarn requires handwashing you need to find something else to knit with for Issac because who wants to handwash baby clothes?

Melissa said...

Yes, my dear.
I may love to knit with this stuff, but his folks won't love washing it!
Hope you feel better soon.

JoVE said...

I have been pondering soemthing about handwashing baby sweaters. For my handwashing (of yarn and knitting), I use lavendar baby wash. It is mild and works great.

So, how hard would if for a parent to pop the sweater in the baby bath after washing the baby, let it soak while drying that baby, then rinse it in the sink, squeeze it out (in the baby's towel?) and lay it flat to dry somewhere? This seems not to be too complicated. Maybe you could suggest it and see what a parent of a tiny baby thinks (my 'baby' is now almost 9).

Also, how often do sweaters need to be washed. I find that in North America we wash things rather often, probably because it has become so easy. But it is a waste of resources (electricity, water, soap, time...). For natural fibres like wool, sometimes a good airing is all that is needed (unless someone puked on it but then my above suggestion might work).

Hope that helps.

Melissa said...

Yes, babies puke a lot. Hmmmm. I doubt I will stop knitting luxuru sweaters for this boy.