Sunday, November 21, 2004

Pre-Holiday, Not Quite panicked Slam Forward

This morning at 7am I woke with the sound of driving rain and thunder. This is a first for me here...Such BIG weather. I went into the livingroom to look outside, only to see the palm trees bending dangerously in the wind, and various pieces of lawn furniture inside my complex being threatened. There's one big tree (I don't know what it's called) but it's huge and was just recently hacked to bits by well meaning pruners. At the time I was aghast, but in retrospect, this morning as I saw the great giant bending and waving in the wind, I was thankful for my landlord's foresight.

This week I've had a nasty flue like thing and most times have felt just to sick to knit. Or drink tea. That's when you know it's pretty bad. But, yesterday I came back to both my passions for just the right amount of comfort as I lay in bed watching a movie. Interesting movie for those interested. It's called reckoning and it's about a troupe of medieval actors and a morality play. Riveting Paul Bettany stars.

For the first time ever, I actually starting knitting in the late summer for the holidays. It felt especially bizarre here in So. CA, but when your plate's pretty empty, what the heck.

I've gone throughout different phases so far. I started with baby and toddler sweaters, moved on to capelettes, then to scarves, a brief foray into my ongoing obsession with sock and now to a brand new obsession. I suppose might call them fingerless gloves, But without any of the finger parts. Alex has coined them Mitlits. Not to be mistaken for Mitlettes. I'm using up all sorts of interesting leftover sock yarns. They take less yarn, so especially if I mix them together, I get some pretty unique texture and colors.

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